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    We receive fresh 100% beef burgers every morning, made by the manufacturer on the same day. We never use any filler, preservatives, or add-in chemicals.
    We always use fresh meat; never frozen. None of our meat has any preservatives, or any chemicals - and is always 100% natural, and freshly prepared that morning.
    There is no pink slime in our food. We always use 100% natural meat with no preservatives or add-ins, and our meat is never, ever frozen. Our meat contains now fatty trimmings, and we don't use any ammoniated procedures to treat our ground meat. Our beef comes from companies who never use these methods.
    We offer fresh salads as a fantastic healthy meal option for our diet-conscious patrons. We invite you to check our website in the future for delicious and healthy menu additions like Veggie burgers.
    Our USA stores receive meat fresh, every morning from our local farmer in Texas Burgers locations. Our Toronto location receives meat from local farmers and food producers.
    All complete, up-to-date nutritional information for our food can be found on our Website.
    Thank you so much for your interest in joining out Texas Chicken & Burger team! Interested parties can send applications through the Employment link on our website.
    All of our location are 100% Halal unless specifically labeled otherwise.
    Yes, our food is dairy-free, including our buns. The only exception to this rule is our cheeseburgers and our desserts.
    We provide catering and delivery order by special request.
    Yes - simply contact us in advance to schedule dates.
    Yes, we offer our loyal customers coupons and discounts. Please check our website for updates.
    We always use 100% Canola oil to freshly prepare our food.
    Yes we do!! We accept all Major Credit Cards at all of our locations.
    Texas Chicken & Burger stores are located in the USA - in New York City and Philadelphia, and in Canada - in Toronto. If you don't see one of our locations near you, keep your eyes peeled for new openings!
    Texas Chicken & Burgers does not currently operate any franchised locations at the moment.
    Unfortunately, we do not offer free Wi-Fi at our locations at this time.

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