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    Texas Chicken and Burgers receives Stellar Ratings on Youtube

    Earlier this year, the illustrious Youtube personality ‘The Pengest Munch’ featured Texas Chicken & Burgers on their running culinary review series in New York, ‘Chicken Connoisseur.’ After providing a brief description of the new Vlone X Nikelab sneaker collaboration, Pengest Munch is driven by a companion throughout Harlem, the Bronx, and Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects to sample fries, wings, and chicken sandwiches from 3 separate chicken chains (beginning with ours,) Pengest Munch reviews the various flavor profiles, providing them full ratings - and we’re happy to say, that the food at Texas Chicken & Burger beat the other two restaurants - Kennedy Fried Chicken in the BX, and Crown Fried Chicken in BK by a major long shot. Here’s how they broke it down.


    Our french fries received a high rating, with highlights of their crunchiness and superior texture being brought up. Not only that, but they were rated as having the least grease out of any french fry, receiving a strong 4.2 rating.

    Chicken Wings

    Our chicken wings were again, highlighted for their superior texture and massive crunchiness profile, as well as their awesome spiciness, receiving a “strong 3.9” rating. The Texas chicken wings massively beat out all the other competitors - which of course, didn’t surprise us.

    Chicken Sandwich

    The ingenuity of our sandwich construction is highlighted by the ‘Chicken Connoisseur’ who mentioned their approval of our use of a single broad lettuce leaf in the sandwich. They also focused on our excellent marinade and spice profile, with a strong usage of Paprika as well as other spices to boost our chicken’s heat profile. The spice isn’t just present in the breading, as it is in most chicken joints, but actually in the chicken itself. Our chicken Sandwich received a solid 4.5 rating, proving way superior to the chicken provided by Kennedy or Crown - which again, comes as no surprise to us; we, the chicken experts at Texas, maintain full-hearted confidence in our ability to cook and craft the very best fried chicken on the East Coast.  

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