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    Texas Chicken & Burgers Serving up Halal Food in all locations

    Texas Chicken & Burgers Serving up Halal Food in all locations

    Finally, the perfect Halal Burger

    The guiding principals of the Texas Chicken & BurgerTeam perfectly mesh with the broader principles of halal food, which in turn is reflected within its dedication to providing a higher quality of fast food. All of the beef used in our burgers is chemical, additive, and hormone free - never getting frozen, and locally sourced. This gives our diners the confidence in knowing that every bite of a Texas Burger is 100% natural, so you’re never compromising health for deliciousness.  Our gourmet burgers aren’t your average grilling fair. They can be topped with a unique output of toppings that create dazzling taste sensations on your tongue. Here, you can order your burger anyway you want. Whether you’re seeking the classic route, with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise - or you want to try our exhilaratingly spicy Hell Burger, give the gang at Texas Chicken & Burger a try.  

    All of our locations are open to you

    With some burger franchises, only a single, or particular selection of stores are open within specific cities. Here at Texas Chicken & Burger, we remain staunchly dedicated to serving the Tri-State area’s Muslim community by providing a higher quality in Halal burgers, chicken, and bona-fide, Southern style food - for simple snacking, or full picnic style meals. This is why we’ve made sure that our excellent burgers are certified Halal at all of our locations. That means no matter where you are in the city, if you’re nearby a Texas Chicken & Burger, you’re just minutes away from one of the best Halal burgers of your entire life. Give us a try - you won’t regret it.

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