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    Texas Chicken & Burger - your one-stop-shop for your Summer Family Picnic

    Texas Chicken & Burger - your one-stop-shop for your Summer Family Picnic

    The delicious and fresh hamburgers, fried chicken, and bona-fide, Southern style side dishes served up by Texas Chicken & Burgermake a fantastic choice for bringing on a family picnic this Summer. With tons of parks and green spaces with plenty of trees, New York City is rife with places and opportunities to have fantastic family picnics - and a Texas Chicken & Burger store is never too far away; offering tons of chances for family bonding and fun during the hot Summer months. Here’s a quick guide to some of the myriad benefits of enjoying a family picnic; keep them in mind, and remember, Texas Chicken & Burger is your one-stop-shop for a tasty picnic kit, with all the works!!

    Family Togetherness

    • Family meals help strengthen relationships among family members, and help each member of the family feel a warm sense of belonging.
    • When children spend time with a parent or siblings, especially in a pleasant outdoor environment, they feel secure, safe, and loved.
    • With today’s busy schedules, there may not be much time to spend together as a family. Picnics offer the best opportunity to staying engaged with your family, fostering a sense of security.

    Mental Health Benefits

    Scientific research says that spending lots of time in a natural setting has mental health benefits. In a study published in the National Academy of Sciences journal, it was found that people who spend an hour and a half in a nature environment had lower anxiety levels, as well as reduced brain activity in the subgenual pre-frontal cortex, a part of the mind that has been linked to mental illness. Furthermore, research shows that lack of time spent in nature is correlated with a higher incidence of mental illness and depression. Spending time together with loved ones in a natural setting has fantastic benefits to everyone's physical and psychological well being.

    Benefits of Group Meals for Children

    Many studies have demonstrated that pleasant family meals lead to better behavior by children, and is associated with an avoidance of risky behavior among children - and even better school performance! Children want to feel like they are part of something, and benefit from familiarity. When family traditions like outdoor picnics are started - and especially when the tradition is actively kept up with - children benefit from a sense of emotional support and group belonging, as well as being imbued with values that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

    Escape from Electronic Hecticness and Social Media

    Today’s proliferation of tablets, smartphones, computers, game systems, social media, and other technology has helped connect - but also, in many ways, isolate us. Many people spend tons of their daily time tapped into this technology - and going on a family picnic in a natural setting is an excellent way of breaking this vicious cycle that can press heavy on the spirit of people of every age. Imagine spending time, present in nature, with your whole family - enjoying the sensory pleasure of a fantastic picnic! Simple pleasures that offer fantastic payoffs, in many different ways, heart and soul.

    It’s super easy to organize a family picnic!

    Picnics are a simple operation - and in many ways, much easier to plan - and certainly cheaper! - than a group family outing to a sit-down restaurant. Texas Chicken & Burger makes it easy for you to make your family picnic - simply come on in to one of our stores with an idea of the type of food your family is craving, and buy one of our larger packages of golden fried chicken, fresh hamburgers, and a bevy of our bona-fide, Southern style side dishes. Place it in a picnic basket - or just a plastic bag, we won’t judge you - and then head to your local park or green space. All you need is a blanket!!

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