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    The Story of Chicken Tenders

    The Story of Chicken Tenders

    One of the greatest menu secrets at Texas Chicken & Burgers are our fresh, golden, and crispy chicken tenders. Chicken tenders are one of those often overlooked iconic snacks that’s origins are somewhat unclear. Well, today we know that Chicken Tenders, while not having the storied, multicultural, and well documented history as Southern Fried Chicken, does have traceable origins. Here's a guide to the origins of these crowd-favorite food.

    Origins of Chicken Tenders

    We can trace chicken tenders to The Puritan diner, in the New Hampshire city of Manchester. This Greek diner, opened by immigrants in 1917 and operated by the family since then, claims the creation of chicken tenders. Chris Pappas, a descendant of one of the diner’s founding families, described how in 1974, the diner was serving up boneless chicken breasts. This involved trimming down entire chicken breasts into strips, which were then marinated and fried. This marination, Pappas describes, is very essential for the cooking process, providing a juicy and real flavor.

    Chicken Tenders - an American Crowd Favorite

    Chicken fingers have become iconic American food staples - albeit one less culturally recognized as Southern Fried Chicken. Chicken fingers have even recently been assessed as a fantastic and viable option for school lunches due to their freshness and delicious appeal. The famous food expert Jamie Oliver recently included chicken tenders in a redesigned national lunch option in his Emmy award winning TV show, Food Revolution. Chicken tenders are not only delicious, but fresh, and made with minimal additives and chemicals. Texas Chicken & Burgers commitment to fresh, never-frozen food epitomizes the down-home, special, warm feeling in knowing that the food you’re eating isn’t just delicious, but it’s real.

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