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    Spiciest Hot Peppers - Celebration of our Hellburger

    Spiciest Hot Peppers - Celebration of our Hellburger

    Here at Texas Chicken and Burger, we offer a plethora of delicious hamburgers and golden crispy fried chicken. One of our most popular and delicious creations is our Hellburger, a fiery and spicy version of our fresh hamburgers. To celebrate this red hot offering, here’s a countdown of the world’s top 10 spiciest hot peppers.

    Number 10 - Bhut Jolokia Chocolate

    Known as the Ghost Pepper, the chocolate varient of this pepper is richly brown and carriest an immediate sweetness - which is then surpassed by an insane spiciness, making it an ideal choice for spicy curries and chutneys in its native country of India.

    Number 9 - Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper

    Similar to the last entry, but colored a rich red, this pepper is more common than it’s chocolate variety and is a popular choice of spicy pepper in YouTube internet challenges. It’s a hybrid between the habanero pepper and the Tabasco pepper.

    Number 8 - 7 Pot Chili

    This pepper is named for its said ability to provide heat for over 7 pots of stew. It hails from Trinidad, and is in the habanero family, with an all over pimpling texture that usually indicates extreme spiciness.

    Number 7 - Gibraltar

    Also known as the Spanish Naga, this pepper is grown in Spain but was developed in the UK. With similar pimpling texture, these peppers are grown hydroponically indoors under extremely hot peppers.

    Number 6 - Infinity Chili

    This human engineered pepper created by breeder Nick Woods held the world record for the hottest man made pepper for a brief period, and has a shriveled and tiny appearance that doesn’t exactly communicate how awfully spicy it is.

    Number 5 - Naga Viper

    This three way genetic hybrid between the Bhut Jolokia, the Trinidad Scorpion, and the Naga Morich. It’s incredibly spicy and can’t be grown naturally through normal seed germination - it has to be grown and born in a lab.

    Number 4 - 7 Pod Douglah

    Also known as the chocolate 7 pot, and a spicier version of the 7 pot chili pepper, this variety has heavy textured brown or purple skin. It’s one of the spiciest, yet fruitiest and most full bodied peppers in the world, and hails from Trinidad.

    Number 3 - Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

    This pepper was cultivated by a person named Butch Taylor, owner of the Zydeco Hot Sauce company in Mississippi. It’s small and red, and so spicy that it’s required to wear safety gear (including a full body suit!) when handling it.

    Number 2 - Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

    This pepper also hails from Trinidad and is around the side of a golf ball. It holds as much of the spicy compound capsaicin as over 25mm of pepper spray, and is the spiciest naturally occurring pepper known to humanity. However, like the Douglah pepper, it’s also full of flavor and fruit - so in (very very) small amounts, in can add a delicious flavorful and fiery quality to dishes.

    Number 1 - The Carolina Reaper

    The world’s spiciest hot pepper, this blistered and orange pepper was engineered in South Carolina by the PuckerButt Pepper company to be the spiciest pepper in the entire world, a fact signaled by it’s scorpion like sharp tale. This pepper is pretty much not fit for any (sane) human consumption - but who knows; if you like Texas Chicken and Burger’s Hellburger, maybe you have an appetite for destruction and would want to sample it. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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