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    Flavor Profiles of the Perfect Burger

    Flavor Profiles of the Perfect Burger

    The principals of Ayurveda, a Hindu belief system that has a drawn our philosophy linking food and spirituality, dictates a system of particular flavors that, when united, provide the utmost completion and perfection of flavor - that's both satisfying, but nutritionally and spiritually nourishing. While Texas Chicken and Burger is certainly not Hindu operated, and our business model of serving beef burgers runs contrary to that entire belief system, we still think there's something to learn from this flavor system. In this brief blog post, I'll detail some of the different balances of ingredient flavors that are provided in our burgers, and now each of these flavors are united to provide a synthesized level of culinary perfection.


    This protein based flavor has qualities of being savory, lip smacking, and lingering. Redolent of the thin layer of fat that can remain in ones mouth after the perfect bite of a burger, umami flavor is deeply satisfying to people on a primal level, and lends a deep, base, luscious flavor. It can be found in both our fresh mouth watering burgers, as well as our delicious crispy chicken.

    Sour / Astringent

    Astringent, vinegary flavors assist in cutting some of the bolder lingering flavors carried over by far in order to create a delicate balance between sharp and blunt flavor profiles. We believe pickles make an excellent compliment to our burgers due to their ability to create a bright and ringing flavor quality, as well as a crisp and crunchy texture compliment.


    Flavors that raise ones internal temperatures and even clear your sinuses can uplift a bland flavor into taste bud steroid country. Top notes of heat and the complex tongue feel of chili peppers are a culinary grace that equally compliments both the broader savory flavor of meat, and brighter flavors of pickles or even lettuce and tomatoes. Our namesake Texas Hellburger offers the ultimate in spicy perfection.


    We don't need to go into why cheeseburgers are great in detail. If you know, you already know. And if you don't; cheese creates a redundant and luscious tongue feel that bolsters the umami flavor of meat, softens the sharpness of acidic tomatoes or pickles, and adds a soft delicate flavor to even the boldest burgers.


    Additions like lettuce and tomatoes to burgers add harmonic levels of crunch and brightness, elevating what can seem like a base and primal meat sandwich into an enlightened quality of being a perfect meal. Lettuce adds a crisp and green compliment to the soft bun and chewy beef burger, while tomatoes natural savory flavor blends perfectly with umami meat, creamy cheese, and even the similarly bright, but more astringent pickle. And we like to think that something about the combination of ketchup and fresh tomatoes creates a flavor profile that simply explodes in fireworks on your tongue.

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