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    Our New Charity Partnership with 'No Kid Hungry'

    Our New Charity Partnership with 'No Kid Hungry'

    Texas Chicken and Burgers New Charity Participation

    Here at Texas Chicken and Burgers, we appreciate the value of giving back to our vital community. That’s one reason we’re so proud to announce that we’ve partnered with No Kid Hungry, a national charity campaign run by Share Our Strength - working to solve problems of hunger throughout the United States by donating a share of our proceeds to this vital charity organization. With simply $1.00 spent, together we can help provide meals to 10 hungry children in our community, and communities beyond.

    No Kid Hungry

    No Kid Hungry is founded to combat the injustice that despite there being plenty of food in the United States, meal accessibility remains a problem for kids everywhere. The charity runs a variety of programs. They help provide free school breakfast in schools throughout the country, providing vital nutrition to students necessary to keep up active focus throughout all of their classes - as well as afterschool meals to help feed kids who may not be eating dinner at home. They also provide free Summer meals to kids throughout the country everywhere, served up at local schools and community centers! No Kid Hungry is also involved in Food Skills Education initiatives, providing free classes and applications that help teach children and parents about smart food shopping, nutrition, and healthy cooking. Lastly, No Kid Hungry helps fund and fuel vital research, policy, and advocacy work, allying directly with elected officials and government agencies to help strengthen and improve the food and education based programs that kids everywhere rely on.

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