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    Making the perfect summer picnic at Texas chicken and burger

    Making the perfect summer picnic at Texas chicken and burger

    Now that the warmest months of the year are upon us, you might be trying to find ways to maximize your outdoor time. One of the best ways to do this is to enjoy a picnic - whether solo, drinking in the summer ambiance - or even better, with a group of friends and family. at Texas Chicken and Burger, we have the perfect one stop picnic solutions available anywhere, with an wide variety of our mouth watering chicken and burger specialties, as well as a panalopy of sides. In this brief blog post, the menu makers at Texas Chicken and Burger go over some of our menu offerings and explain how they factor into a perfect summer picnic.

    Chicken and Burgers

    Our namesake and staple, we thought we'd start with the main meat of the meal. Our juicy, natural, and 100% fresh burgers are summer personified in a sandwich. Toasty levels of bread house a perfectly cooked burger with the perfect balance of fat and tenderness to create a mouth watering Umami flavor that's sure to remind you of the best summer days. Our crispy chicken is available in tons of spicy and regular varieties, and offer classic comfort inside a crunchy fried shell, for the perfect Southern style meal. These main courses are filling, nourishing, and simply create happy stomaches.

    French fries and mashed potatoes

    Is there ever a more summer side dish than French fries? Our velvety potato segments are encased inside a crisp golden shell, offering a balance of textures, and the perfect amount of salty flavor. Whether you want to add hot sauce, ketchup, or even barbecue sauce, our fries represent the quintessential side that alchemkcally completes a meal alongside a juicy burger or side of fried chicken. If you want to go for a more classic comfort style of picnic food, our mashed potatoes served with country style gravy offer the perfect compliment to the crispier and bolder flavors of our main offerings. Warm and nourishing, our mashed potatoes are like getting a hug from inside your body.

    Green beans

    The classic southern picnic side, the bright and fresh flavor of green beans provide a healthy and nourishing balance to our meals, complimenting any flavor they are paired with. Not only do they please your taste buds, but they make your body feel good as well, with natural nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. What better way to celebrate the bounty of summer than by enjoying the culinary treasures bestowed upon us by Mother Earth?

    Sweet potato pie

    This desert is the perfect ending to a perfect picnic. And if you're going  for an attempt to match that perfect bonafide Southern style picnic of your experience or imagination, there's simply no substitute for our luscious, creamy, savory and sweet sweet potato pies. A long standing classic way to end the perfect meal, sweet potato pie's subtle naturally sugary flavor helps cut some of the salt of our crisp and savory main dishes, cooling the palate, and satiating (or simply gratifying!) the stomach. Whether you're reliving your childhood in the south, or embarking on a brand new appreciation for Texas style picnics, our sweet potato pies offer the perfect conclusion to any balmy outdoor picnic.

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