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    History of the Slider

    History of the Slider

    Here at Texas Chicken & Burger, we’re incredibly proud of our delicious sliders, offering the perfect snack - or in combination, the perfect easy-to-eat, pleasurable meal. Sliders can be considered the fun-sized hamburger for many reasons - their cute tiny size, the ease in which they fit into a single hand, the amount of fun it is to eat them - however, their history is way less documented than that of the storied, iconic hamburger. In this blog post, the culinary experts at Texas Chicken & Burger will document some of the fantastic history of the slider!

    History of the Slider

    The term ‘slider’ originated during the 1940s, when United States Navy sailors started referring to mini-burgers as ‘sliders’ due to their level of grease - as well as the fact that the burgers would be easy to slide down their throats due to their deliciousness and two-bite heft. Sliders became popularized through White Castle, an old fashioned chain restaurant. They marketed their burgers with cheap prices for large amounts of cheap-beef frozen hamburgers - and over time, the size of the burgers shrank while the price increased! They utilized this as a budget and cost-saving exercise, and sliders eventually became a key component of that strategy.  

    Slider Cooking Technique

    Sliders are cooked differently than the typical griddle or grill seared hamburger. Instead they are cooked from a ball of meat on an oiled griddle, which then get smashed onto the griddle (often with onions which then offer their delicious juices to help cook the meat.) After a quick sear, the slider is flipped, and then the seasoning and toppings are added directly onto it and allowed to quickly cook on the grill or griddle. This allows sliders to be cooked at a rapid pace, and the hot temperatures allows for delicious searing and caramelization.  

    Contemporary Sliders

    In 2019, we’re in an era where people want fresh, never-frozen fast food as opposed to the cheapest and fastest possible fast food. Sliders are now featured as  fun food in upscale gourmet restaurants, with chefs revolutionizing this classic food with new combinations of meat like chicken, pork, and even veal! Sliders are popular to diet-conscious eaters, as it’s a perfect way to cut calories while still enjoying the iconic taste of a burger. Sliders are often served in groups or pairs, which allows eaters to sample many different parts of a menu! Here at Texas Chicken and Burger, we’re doing sliders and hamburgers true justice - instead of offering low-quality meat at a cheap price, we’re offering high quality, fresh, never-frozen, and totally delicious burgers for a fair and affordable rate. This quality control is something that our brand is proud of - as we take great pride in our food, and it’s ability to satisfy even the most discerning of fast food connoisseur customers. Stop on into your local Texas Chicken and Burger today to see what the hype is all about; we promise you’ll love our bona-fide, Southern style, iconic, and delicious fast food!

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