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    Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Texas Chicken and Burgers!

    Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Texas Chicken and Burgers!

    Texas Chicken and Burgers Wishes You a Very Happy Thanksgiving

    Here at Texas Chicken and Burgers, we understand the immense value of togetherness, and the ways that delicious food can bring food, family, and community together in our shared experience. Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays for the reasons that it reminds us all of the value of community - and every year, we like to participate in food drives and charities (like the Harding Ford Vision) in order to help give back to our community. Now, more than ever, we appreciate the essential value of the bonds of community unity, and the way that within families, schools, workplaces, blocks, neighborhoods - and even our stores - that every individual’s unique experience can help contribute to the greater good. What’s really amazing is the way that food can unite us all - a universal commonality that acts as glue to bring all sorts of different people for the shared experience of enjoying a delicious, warm meal - and the thankfulness that comes along with it. We want to wish all of our valued customers, neighbors, and fellow community members a joyous, rich, warm, and fantastic Thanksgiving! It’s the perfect time to unite with friends and family, and remind each other of what we mean to each other as we enter into the New Year and Winter months. Try stopping in to one of our Texas Chicken and Burgers locations this Thanksgiving season to enjoy the hearty goodness of our golden fried chicken, and always fresh, never frozen, juicy burger creations; it’s sure to bring you the same sense of down-home comfort and nourishment than even the most extravagant turkey! And bring a friend or family member along; we truly believe that the best meals are those shared with the ones we love.

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