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    Fried Chicken History

    Fried Chicken History

    Fried chicken is one of the most universal meals around. Almost everybody loves it. In the United States, the style of battering and frying chicken has become ubiquitous, but there’s many separate approaches to cooking this precious delicious meal around the globe. Here’s some of the history of fried chicken, prepared by the experts at Texas Chicken & Burger.  

    7,500-5,00 BCE

    People in Southeast Asia first domesticated the wild ancestors of today’s chicken. It’s debated whether they first ended up eating them right away, as some people theorize that since chicken’s called daybreak, that they were revered as divine. However, fried chicken started appearing on royal tables in China, West Africa, and the Middle East - often as a twice-cooked approach that braised chickens after quickly frying them.  


    This was the advent of the American style of frying chicken. The first recipe for American style fried chicken appeared in Hannah Glasse’s ‘The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy’ in the year 1747. The recipe called for floured chicken to be fried in lard. Soon, American Southerners started their standard techniques of frying chicken with similar recipes.  


    This was the advent of fast food fried chicken. It changed from being a Sunday, after church specialty, to being a food available every day. Many fast food entrepreneurs started brainstorming for ways to cook massive amounts of fried chicken quickly while keeping it hot and crunchy enough to always be available on demand for customers. This was the start of Kentucky Fried Chicken, the Chicken Shack, Bojangle’s, Chick-fil-A, Church’s, and Popeyes - transforming American style fried chicken to not only a national, but international dish.  


    American style fried chicken started being crafted with more of an eye for artisanal preparation and fresh ingredients. Not only do higher quality casual dining depots start serving the dish, but even fancy restaurants try their hand at it, creating unique spins on the dish. Chicken begins to get fried in champagne, or combined with secret barbecue sauce recipes. Tons of international style fried chicken places start opening American restaurants where visitors can sample Guatemalan, Japanese, or Korean style fried chicken in tons of marinated, saturated, and extra crispy varieties. If this article hasn’t gotten you hungry, something might be wrong with you! And if it did, head on down to Texas Chicken & Burgers for the best fried chicken of your entire life!

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