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    Fried Chicken Around the World

    Fried Chicken Around the World

    We’re not going to lie - we truly believe that the fried chicken we craft at Texas Chicken and Burgers is simply the best in the world. Try it for yourself and we’re sure you’ll believe us. This claim - although we stand by it - is pretty heavy, however. That’s because fried chicken enjoys a reputation of deliciousness around the world - where it’s prepared expertly, and with massive variety, by many different cultures. In this blog entry I’ll detail some of the different styles of fried chicken around the world, and what makes these varieties so uniquely delicious.

    Texas Fried Chicken

    Our custom recipe for our chicken is similar to the Maryland style of Buttermilk fried chicken - however we make it with zero dairy. First, our chicken arrives fresh and is marinated in our custom garlic and spice blend. Then we put it in sub-freezing spiced non-dairy batter, and then a spiced white flour. For our special spicy chicken, we use a special flour blended with over 40 separate herbs and spices - for fiery flavor. We then cook the chicken inside a pressure cooker because it keeps the grease from penetrating the chicken, while making it as crisp as crisp can be. We fry all our chicken in 100% canola oil, with no animal fats - making for a natural, and delicious meal.

    Korean Fried Chicken

    This style of chicken is created with a double-frying process. First, the chicken gets coated in a liquid starch batter, fried, and allowed to cool before it undergoes a second fry - making it as crisp as a crunchy french fry. This results in a crackly crust, that offers crispiness that stays with the chicken even after it’s doused with sauces that vary from garlic-soy to a sweet and spicy chili sauce.

    General Tso’s Chicken

    This American style of Chinese food is named after a real 19th century general, but originates from a chef who found his home in Taiwan after leaving the Hunan province of China. Properly prepare General Tso’s chicken is covered in a sauce that balances sweet and spicy, has crisp, non greasy breading, and retains it’s intense tender juiciness - the kind that dark meat chicken is known for.

    Prawn Paste Chicken

    This strangely delicious fried chicken variety is marinated in shrimp paste, oyster sauce, and sugar - before it’s double fried after a cornstarch bath. It often comes with a spicy chili dipping sauce, although the original marinade really leaves enough flavor to enjoy this Singapore dish on it’s own.

    Japanese Karaage

    This recipe calls for chunks of boneless chicken being fried in garlic, soy sauce, and fresh ginger, after being tossed in starch. An addition of lemon cuts through the greasiness and interacts with the ginger and garlic to add another level of zesty freshness to this strangely light dish.

    Chongqing Style Dry Fried Chicken

    This dish calls for marinated chicken nuggets to be deep fried, and then stir fried with Sichuan peppercorns, and spicy red chilies. The authentic, bona-fide recipe calls for the chicken to be married with green chilis, which add a level of awesome spice that works great with the juicy chicken.

    Buffalo Wings

    We wouldn’t forget to leave this off our list. They’re the most widely known bar food in the country, and for good reason. Proper buffalo wings retain delicious crispiness, even after being paired with a variety of delicious sauces from blue cheese to the iconic Frank’s Red Hot. As a point of contention, I want to stress that the truly best kinds of buffalo wings are made of the flat, center area of the chicken wing between a pair of bones - which are usually much more tasty than mini drumsticks. Fortunately, we offer plenty of these in our delicious recipe.

    Chicken Nuggets

    This very American snack food is popular with children and adults who grew up eating these tender, crisp morsels made out of tendons or other small parts of meat that weren't included in prime cuts. With a soft interior and a crisp breading shell, chicken nuggets can be the perfect snack or meal.

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