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    More on How we Come up with the Perfect Burger

    More on How we Come up with the Perfect Burger

    Now that Autumn is just around the corner, we should be eagerly savoring the last moments of our lovely Summer. And what better way to do so than by enjoying one of the classic burgers served up by the burgermeisters at Texas Chicken & Burger? Burgers are the official dish of Summer, like fresh salad is the dish of the spring harvest. It’s essentially the very smell of Summer distilled into a sandwich! But what makes a truly good burger? Here to clue you in, the experts at Texas Chicken & Burger will share with you exactly how we come up with our namesake dish of perfection.  

    Broad Approach to Design

    Consider a burger like a painting. The type of bun, the toppings, and the seasoning will all impact the mouthfeel, texture, and flavor, and all have to copacetically interact to raise up the eating experience.  

    The Meat

    You want to make sure to have quality meat. One way to do so, which we follow, is by never using frozen meat - ever. Texas Chicken & Burger uses the freshest meat available in the city, sourcing it from a local butcher, and ensuring that no chemicals, preservatives, additives, or hormones end up in your hamburgers, ever.  

    Fat is the Savior

    Make sure to pay attention to marbling, meaning how fat is distributed in the meat. We recommend using a burger that’s between 20 and 30% fat for that epic savory mouth flavor that just can’t be beat.  

    Patty Size

    Burgers, especially those with marbling, shrink under heat - so we always make our patties larger than our buns so that when they shrink, they will then fit perfectly on top of the patty.  


    This is where the true burger alchemists excel. The seasoning of the burger can range from plain and simple to baroque and experimental, but should always match up with the toppings later placed on the burger. We like to keep things simple, so besides a couple of our secrets, we utilize just a pinch of kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper in our burgers before cooking.  

    The Bun

    The bun is more than just a way to hold the burger, it’s a way to absorb those precious juices from the burger without losing them. The bun should never distract from the burger or take up too much attention - but is rather the stage on which the perfect burger enacts it’s dance of flavor. You get the picture.  


    Toppings can add both interesting texture and flavor to the burger, and can be customized to your heart's desire. This is the perfect realm of customization where you can add qualities like crunchiness, sweetness, creaminess, astringency, or even mild sweetness to the burger of your dreams. You can choose anything from a BBQ sauce and mustard, to classic ketchup or even Sriracha hot sauce. If you’re into spiciness, we recommend our custom Hellburger.  


    The final punch in our arsenal of creating an excellent burger, cheese allows a luscious creaminess to effectively complement and raise up the hearty and umami flavor profiles of a Texas Chicken & Burger classic hamburger. The heat from the hamburger will help melt the cheese to a perfect level of molten creaminess, not too hot and not too solid, bringing your meal up to an insurmountable level of flavor Nirvana.

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