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    Burger History

    Burger History

    Hamburgers are a quintessentially American, and perennially favorite food. And don’t we, the expert burger mavens at Texas Chicken & Burger truly know it?? However, despite the simple sensory pleasures that hamburgers offer all of us, the history of the inception of this special sandwich is a bit more murky and full of mystery. Here’s ourbrief guide to some of the contradictory history of the Burger.  

    Hamburger Steak

    In the year 1836, New York’s Delmonico’s, often considered the first contemporary restaurant, hamburger steak appeared on the menu. Often considered a precursor to the modern hamburger, the hamburger steak didn’t come with the classic bun - but remains a historical prototype of today’s classic burger perfection.  

    New Haven

    New Haven, Connecticut’s Louis’ Lunch started offering hamburger sandwiches in the year 1900. Yes, it didn’t come with the classic bun that burgers are known for today, however it was sandwiched between toasted white bread. This represents the first connection between bread and juicy burgers.  

    White Castle

    In 1921, Billy Ingram and Walter Ingram created their restaurant White Castle, which grew into a massive chain today. They are often credited with inventing what’s known as the modern day hamburger. They made a sandwich of ground meat cooked on a griddle with onions, placed between a soft yeast bun. Their first store in Wichita, Kansas, sold their burgers for just 5 cents each.  


    Lionel Sternberger invented the cheeseburger in his restaurant in the year 1921, creating an American legend.  


    In 1954, Ray Kroc opened his first McDonald’s location in San Bernardino, California. This revolutionized the fast food industry. Even if today, McDonald’s burgers are considered extremely to some of the delectable creations we whip up at Texas Chicken & Burgers, you have to give Kroc credit for creating an icon.  

    Veggie Burgers

    In 1982 Gregory Sams created the first veggie burger, allowing our vegetarian brothers and sisters to jump on the burger craze wagon with us all.  

    1984 Beef Questioning

    Wendy’s iconic 1984 ad campaign where an older woman violently questioned, “where’s the beef?” raised awareness of the shoddy quality of many fast food burgers, creating grounds for some of the standards and desire for quality burgers that helped our business become what it is today.  

    Texas Chicken & Burger

    We’ve revolutionized the hamburger in this, our year of 2017. Stop on in, and prepare to have your mind blown.

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