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    Building the Perfect Burger

    Building the Perfect Burger

    Crafting the perfect burger is a complex alchemy that our experts have perfected over much intense labor. While we will not give away the secret to what makes our burgers so sublimely delicious, the experts at Texas Chicken and Burger would like to provide some detail as to the structural formula/theory of burgers, with it’s myriad variations, just so our customers can understand exactly what makes our burgers so unique.  

    The Burger Bun

    There’s as any burger buns out there as there are cultural variations of bread. OK, maybe not that many, but there’s still a ton. The most common variation used today is a soft, buttery, rich brioche-like. This might not actually be the best type of bun, because when a burger is cooked well, it will be dripping with juices, and ideally covered in sauces - which can leave these types of buns pretty wet and soggy pretty quickly. This can usually be mitigated by toasting the bun to make it crispy and less susceptible to total drenching. Some other burger chains have taken to using more bread-style buns, like full on crispy rolls of bread, that offer a higher chewiness and resistance to the running juices of the burger patty. This is a contentious choice, that while offering a practical benefit to avoid sogginess, sort of disrupts the classic ideal construction of what makes a purely ideal burger.  

    The Burger Itself

    The best burgers have a high fat content, ideally around 40%. Without a high fat content, the burgers won’t be moist enough. The go to choices for cuts of meat range around beef chuck and brisket - but the most important factor is that the patties are flavorful - and ideally well-aged. Burgers that are ground more coarsely have a more pleasingly meaty texture. Some other unorthodox places have even stooped to adding grain or breadcrumbs to burgers to add flavor or juiciness - which we object to on a philosophical basis. In order to make the best style of crust on your burgers, make sure to well-salt them before searing them on a hot pan or grill, and never, ever, cook them more than medium rare.  


    Of course we don’t consider cheese to be a fully mandatory choice to add to a burger, but there’s no way we’re opposed to it either. Cheese can be a delicious addition in a billion separate ways, of course depending on what kind of cheese you use. However, sometimes, and we agree, the classics are the best. American cheese melts readily on even a warm patty, creating the gooey and unctuous flavor/texture profile that burger aficionados know and love. But of course, the cheese-world is your proverbial oyster, so whatever floats your boat could totally work on a burger - including favorites like cheddar and fontina - although we’ll admit, the idea of a feta burger sounds just…not great.  

    Pickles and other Toppings

    The astringent flavor and crunchy texture of a quality pickle can add an incredible amount of flair to a burger. We tend to be classicists, favoring the a classic gherkin sliced pickle for it’s simultaneously bold and strangely delicate flavor that cuts the fat of the burger in a harmonious balance. We’re also big fans of adding a crisp red onion, ideally married with a bit of vinegar in order to soften its harsh sudden bite. Just add some fresh slices of lightly salted 1 juicy tomato to add a fresh ringing brightness, and your toppings are set to crown your perfect burger.

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