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    Brand New Beyond Burger Now Served at Texas Chicken and Burger Locations!

    Brand New Beyond Burger Now Served at Texas Chicken and Burger Locations!

    Our Brand New Vegan Burger Options!

    We’re proud to begin serving up deliciously plant-based, vegan, yet totally meat-like Beyond Burgers at our Texas Chicken and Burgerlocations. Located at the cutting edge of fast food, the brand new Beyond Burgers offer vegetarians (or just plain burger lovers) the chance to sample the deliciousness of our Classic Texas Burgers with an amazing new Beyond Meat Patty. Beyond patties have been engineered by leading food scientists and chefs to have the same flavor, mouth-feel, and aroma as real beef burgers. Not only this, but Beyond Burgers can even be seared and charred in a similar way to real meat, with an uncannily similar juiciness!

    Nutritious Burger Ingredients

    Texas Chicken and Burger’s new Beyond Burgers offer a similar flavor and texture to real beef patties, while in reality, being totally plant based. Brilliantly crafted out of pea protein isolate and coconut oil, Beyond Burgers also contain ingredients like potato starch, natural flavor, yeast extract (which provides the meat-realistic Umami flavor pop!) and beet juice extract. Not only that, but Beyond Burgers are incredibly nutritious, containing a simple 270 calories per patty, with a whopping 20 grams of protein. Beyond Burgers also contain 30 percent of your daily iron intake, as well as phosphorous (a crucial element of your bones and teeth,) and even vitamin C! Even the most fastidious health focused can now enjoy the classic and irreplaceable experience of eating a delicious classic Texas Style Burger at all of our stores! Stop on in to try one today!

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