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    Best Types of Tomatoes For Burgers

    Best Types of Tomatoes For Burgers

    Some people might disagree, but we at Texas Chicken and Burger believe that sliced tomatoes make the absolute perfect partner for one of our juicy hamburgers - or even a hamburger that you’re grilling up at home! There’s simply no replacement for the tangy fresh juiciness of a tomato, or how those bright flavors interact with the smoky umami deliciousness of our grilled beef. In this blog entry, we’ll detail some of the absolute best varieties of tomatoes out there for slicing, grilling, and pairing with a fresh delicious hamburger.

    Hybrid Tomatoes

    These varieties of tomatoes are cultivated by farmers or even scientists through seed DNA blending to retain particular color, texture, and flavor elements - as well as long shelf life, frost-resistance, and long-duration freshness.

    Porterhouse Tomatoes

    These tomatoes can grow up to 4 pounds, and are full of amazing flavor. They are a medium red, and balance an almost meat like bite with the perfect amount of juiciness.

    Red October Tomatoes

    These tomatoes store on shelves for a long time, grow to about 8 ounces, and reach their full ripeness in Autumn.

    Bucks County Tomatoes

    These tomatoes grow to up to 10 ounces, with a very dark red color and a massive amount of flavor. These tomatoes have a particularly smooth mouthfeel, making them an excellent slicing tomato to combine with onion.

    Big Beef Tomatoes

    These giant tomatoes are juicy and highly flavorful - making them one of the most popular varieties of tomatoes in the United States.

    Steak Sandwich Tomatoes

    This variety of tomato has a classically fresh taste, and maintain their firmness even when they are fully ripe, making them an excellent choice for slicing and placing on a hot burger. This kind of tomato grows deep into Autumn.

    Heirloom Tomatoes

    These tomatoes are maintained from select seeds that haven’t been engineered or blended with any other varieties - maintaining particular color, texture, and flavor elements for generations.

    Beefsteak Tomatoes

    These massive tomatoes grow ribbed, and can be as heavy as 2 pounds! Their solid, firm, and juicy texture makes them a national favorite among restaurant, fast food, and home grillers.

    Black Krim Tomotoes

    This strange variety of tomato has a smoky and salty flavor, with a deep and dark color, and a beefy robust texture.

    Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes

    This heirloom tomato can be as heavy as a pound, and has a distinct, almost pink color. They get their strange name from their original cultivator, who sold each tomato for a dollar until he was able to pay off his entire mortgage!

    Brandywine Tomatoes

    These delicious tomatoes date back to the late 19th century, and have plants with leaves that resemble those of a potato plant. Brandywine tomatoes grow in a wide variety of colors - from the traditional red, to yellow, pink, or even orange!

    Cherokee Purple Tomatoes

    These heirloom tomatoes have a deliciously sweet flavor, with a dark red color that blends into a beautiful greenish-purple along the edges. They are said to have originated from the Cherokee Native American Tribe, who originally cultivated them.

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