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    Best Fried Chicken in Brooklyn

    Best Fried Chicken in Brooklyn

    Golden Fried Perfection

    For many fried chicken lovers, the first time they truly had excellent fried chicken sticks out in their minds as a defining memory. Between the crispiness of the golden fried skin, and the sumptuous juiciness of the dark or white meat, the film of luxurious grease it leaves, or the crispy sound in each bite, fried chicken can be considered a veritable circus of the senses. Here at Texas Chicken & Burger, we’re proud to provide the highest quality fried chicken in the entire city. Now, listen to us explain why.  

    A Higher Quality Bite

    Sure, fried chicken is a run of the mill food. However, the chicken provided by Texas Chicken & Burger is on another planet compared to the by-the-barrel selection at some of the wider inferior franchises. First off, we never use chemicals, additives, or hormones in any of our chicken - which is all sourced from a local butcher. Secondly, our chicken is never frozen - guaranteeing you, our loyal customers, a freshness-per-bite relatively unheard of in the fast food industry. Sure, we’re not a white tablecloth franchise, and you WILL get your food relatively fast, however we like to think of ourselves as offering an incredibly superior and higher quality version of Southern style Fried Chicken than anywhere else you’ll find in NYC. It’s our mission, and we staunchly stick by it.  

    We Trust in our Perfected Fried Chicken Recipe

    Our expert chefs have had years in the kitchen perfecting our bona-fide, Southern style fried chicken recipe - and boy, has it payed off. Between our golden brown crust and the bone lies some of the tenderest and juiciest chicken you’ll ever bite your teeth into, chicken that retains it’s moisture due to our custom recipe and unique secret cooking technique. A nearly alchemical formula based on balance and precise measurements of unique blends of herbs and spices, our fried chicken is miles ahead of any recipes you’ll find North of the Mason-Dixon line. Next time you’re hankering for some easy and low-key utter culinary perfection, stop on into Texas Chicken & Burger to try our crown jewel fried chicken. We think it will change your life for the better.

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