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    Best Brooklyn Picnic Locations

    Best Brooklyn Picnic Locations

    Spring in New York City is truly special. And what says Spring like a fried chicken picnic? Here’s some of the best picnic spots in Brooklyn - perfect for bringing along your favorite bona side, southern style chicken, burgers, and sides from Texas Chicken & Burger.

    Fort Greene Park

    This hilly and green park in the center of the lovely area of Fort Greene has tons of trees with cool shade, a weekend farmer’s market, and tons of historical monuments and informational plaques. The park surrounds a large monument dedicated to Prison Ship Martyrs of the revolutionary war - and it’s so large that using it as a directional reference is super easy. It’s a diverse and age varied crowd perfect for either a large family gathering or a peaceful picnic, depending on what spot of the park you camp out in.

    Valentino Pier

    This peaceful spot in an industrial bastion is a grassy area directly in front of a long pier that sticks into the East River. It offers amazingly dramatic views of the Statue of Liberty and the entire skyline. It’s a perfect place to watch sunset, and especially peaceful and secluded if you’re looking for a quiet picnic experience. However, it’s not close to any subway - but you can take the bus there from the train in Gowanus.

    Prospect Park

    Arguably our favorite choice, Prospect Park offers infinite fantastic picnic spots. The Great Lawn, considered to be the largest steady meadow in any park in the USA, is a bucolic and sunny place to park down and enjoy some fried chicken and burgers. Not only that, but it’s a perfect spot for sports and games; tons of people enjoy kite flying, bike riding, frisbee throwing, and soccer. It’s nearby tons of trains and a number of our Texas Chicken & Burgers locations - making it a prime picnic choice.

    Empire Fulton Ferry State Park

    Under the Manhattan Bridge near the East River, this park has dramatic views of the watery skyline. It has fantastic proximity to tons of exciting art galleries and bookstores located in the DUMBO area, and one of the best spots to see New York City under the beautiful sunset out there. It’s not the quietest spot however, due to the nearby trains crossing over the Manhattan Bridge, but if you’re looking for a super cosmopolitan spot to have a picnic, and don’t mind being reminded you’re in the city, it’s a great choice!

    East River State Park

    This Williamsburg hangout is a large waterfront stretch featuring grassy patches and views of Manhattan past the craggy beach rocks. It’s a generally young crowd, which has evolved over the past few years to include more young professionals. It’s a social spot on weekends, filled with joggers, dog walkers, and tons of people with the same picnic ideas - so if you’re looking for a social picnic experience nearby tons of cultural spots and stores, it’s a great choice.

    Sunset Park

    This huge park has tons of features like fields, volleyball courts, playgrounds, and even the highest spot in all of Brooklyn, featuring breathtaking views of Manhattan, New Jersey, Staten Island, and even the Statue of Liberty! This park was named for a reason, and arguably has some of the best sunset views out of anywhere in the entire city. It’s not hard to get lost in this park, which is great for people looking for a peaceful and immersive picnic experience. It’s like an escape for the city, just located next door.

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