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    Benefits of Eating Red Meat in the Winter

    Benefits of Eating Red Meat in the Winter

    Here at Texas, we’re burger advocates. We’re proud to provide hordes of loyal customers with our uniquely delicious burger creations (as well as our amazing crispy fried chicken and bona-fide Southern style sides,) and love what we do. We’re excited to tell our customers about some of the reasons that eating Burgers (with moderation) might actually be beneficial to health during these frigid Winter days and nights.

    Scientific Reasoning

    We often see calories per gram reflected on nutritional labels on food packaging, a number produced when the substance is burned inside a bomb calorimeter, a metallic container that measures total calories through chemical reactions. But, the way chemical change occurs in living cells is very different than the way it does inside a non organic bomb calorimeter. Calories per gram are truly different in living organisms. And the ingestion of protein creates the greatest increase in bodily heat production in metabolism - chemical burning - known as ‘specific dynamic action’ or SDA.  Today’s biochemists assert that ingesting 100 calories of protein leads to 30 extra heat calories over the basal necessary body level of 70, and that the extra calories are wasted heat that can be passed through sweating. However, during the cold weather, this so called ‘wasted heat’ can actually help keep us much warmer.

    Meat in times of Famine

    If the body only has a carbohydrate to eat, but needs a fat, it can convert the carbohydrate into a fat. The vice versa is also true. However, neither carbohydrates or fat can be changed into a protein. If a person only has protein to eat, the body can turn it into either a fat or carbohydrate based on the need. In times of Famine - or when budget is a consideration, protein is the best food to consume, since it can potentially give you all three varieties of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Excess consumption of meat can cause stress on the body, however, in times where food is scarce, or the weather is cold, moderate consumption of meat based protein can actually provide us much needed health and nutrition. So enjoy one of our burgers in the Winter, and know that our clean food will give you the fuel you need to keep on trucking!

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