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    Our 100% Halal Food

    Our 100% Halal Food

    What is Halal?

    Texas Chicken and Burger is proud to serve delicious 100% halal meals to all of our valuable customers. Some of our customers may be confused as to what the definition of the halal category means, as it relates to the dietary laws of the Muslim faith. Here is a brief guide to the understanding of halal as it relates to diet, so that members of our many valuable communities can understand the high quality standards to which we hold ourselves in providing the highest quality fast food.The word ‘Halal’ designates an action or object which is permissible to engage with or use in terms of Islamic law. It is an Arabic word that means permitted or lawful - being the opposite of ‘haram’ which designates the opposite. Some items or actions are clearly halal or haram, while others may be somewhat unclear between the two categories - these items or actions fall into the category of doubt, called ‘mashbooh.’

    What makes food halal

    Food is halal if it is free from any ingredient that Muslims are prohibited from eating, and if it is created, processed, and stored using equipment and utensils that have been cleaned according to Islamic dietary law. It’s actually encouraged in Islam to eat the best quality nutrition available.

    What foods are not halal?

    The following foods are considered not halal (haram) according to the Muslim faith.
    • Alcoholic drinks
    • Fat from non-halal animals
    • Animal gelatine
    • Enzymes
    • Lard
    • Animal Shortening
    • All Pig based products
    • Meat broth from unspecified origin
    • Animal rennet
    • Tallow from non halal species
    • Carnivorous animals
    • All foods contaminated with any of the above substances

    Preparation of Meat

    Even halal animal products - such as those made from beef or chicken - need to be prepared according to Islamic dietary laws. This requires the animals to be slaughtered by a muslim licensed in the proper Islamic animal slaughter protocols - these individuals can operate as both inspectors and slaughter-people themselves, and visit farms and other establishments that use animal based products to certify them as halal. Islamic stipulations of slaughter require certain religious phrases to be uttered before the slaughter of an animal - as well as a large collection of additional rules for the technique of slaughter - and the treatment of the animal prior to the slaughter as well. These laws come from a genuine respect for the sanctity of the animal’s life, the way it gets treated in it’s life, as well as ensuring that it has as fast and painless of a death as possible. This constitutes a spiritual approach to even the behind-the-scenes aspect of food preparation.

    Texas Chicken and Burgers is 100% Halal

    We are proud to serve exclusively 100% halal certified meat at all of our locations. This way, we can help provide muslim people from our diverse and wide communities of service with a delicious, superior, southern style fast food experience with all the quality and authenticity that should be expected. So come in and try out one of our delicious 100% halal fried chicken or burgers - you’ll be sure to love them!

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