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    3 worst secrets of fast food places

    3 worst secrets of fast food places

    Here at Texas Chicken and Burger we pride ourselves on providing a much higher quality of burgers and fried chicken than the typical restaurants like McDonalds, Burger King, and Popeyes. While these chains have existed longer than us, part of their success is their profit margins compared to the cost of their ingredients. Shady foodmaking, chemical laden meals, and burgers that are the opposite of fresh are the backbone of these chains operations. In this brief blog post, we'll go over some of the factors that cause these fast food restaurants to be what we consider miles below the quality of food we proudly provide our loyal customers.

    Always frozen, never fresh

    When you get a mainstream fast food burger you can be sure that it didn't come from a farm nearby. The billion dollar operations of major fast food conglomerates depend on billions of pattys and chicken parts being placed under a deep freeze, only to get shipped interstate, placed into another freezer inside the store, and thawed out before it's going to expire to serve to customers. Not only does this severely degrade the texture and flavor of the meat, in what we consider an offense to burger lovers everywhere, but it runs contrary to many of these chains claims to provide fresh and natural food. Anything but that.

    Chemical laden food

    Not only is tons and tons of mainstream fast food deeply frozen for months before its served to you, it's also not completely natural, 100% meat - and if it is 100% meat, it's 100% PLUS an entire cocktail of chemicals and preservatives meant to extend the shelf life indefinitely. While these chemicals have been shown not to have short term negative effects on humans, nobody really knows the long term effects of regular consumption of these sort of chemical preservatives. Not only are we talking preservatives here, but also hormones and anti-biotics. In order to maximize profits, companies like McDonald's load their cattle with growth hormones and anti bacterial medicines, so as to combat the infections that occur within their massive factory farms, and to genetically engineer cows to be as large - and as meat yielding - as possible. We don't consider this natural or ethical practices - to both the livestock, and also to the customers who eat the food sometimes without knowledge of what they're really eating.

    Diminished flavor

    We at Texas Chicken and Burger know that natural food makes better meals. And we trust you'll be able to tell the difference. One of our mouth watering natural, never frozen, antibiotic and hormone free burgers is infinitely more tasty, juicy, and flavorful than the unnatural concoctions provided by fast food giants. While they are able to maximize their profits of their customers, they sacrifice flavor - and don't seem to care too much about it. Here we truly care about providing truly flavorful and delectable meals to our loyal customers, and we invite you to taste the difference. We're sure you'll be hooked from the first bite.

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